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Armour-SA is a South African based security supply company, with a global reach, supplying ballistic body armour, protective ware, bulletproof vests and booby traps.

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Military Products is now in the 30th year of business. We provide tactical military and security products, which include military uniform clothing, tactical & uniform leather and nomex gloves, combat boots, military tents, night vision goggles, rifle scopes, night vision monoculars, day optics binoculars and spotting scopes, MREs (meal ready to eat) and ration packs, handcuffs, leg …

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Top Solar Panel Suppliers in South Africa. Wholesale Solar Panels For Sale Homeowners and all types of businesses these days are seeking ways to cut down on their power consumption bill and reduce the overall operational cost. For this purpose, solar energy is the best alternative for them to be cost-effective and energy-efficient.

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BAT is a Proudly South African company which holds a dominant position in the market, keeping to our core philosophy that our products must be Engineered to be the Best. We operate out of our own 10 000m2 facility in the City of …

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Ballistic Body Armour. Armour-SA is a South African manufacturer of ballistic body armour. Our bullet proof body armor come in all sizes and are customized to fit your requirements. From the standard Kevlar patrol bullet proof vest to the tactical and reaction officer bullet proof vest, we meet the high quality standards of the NIJ/ISO. 10 Best ...

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Buy bulletproof vests, plates and body armour online in South Africa at DefCon.co.za. Our vests are used by security companies, police and the military.

Bulletproof Vests, Ballistic Body Armour ... - South …

Armour-SA is a South African based security supply company, with a global reach, supplying ballistic body armour, protective ware, bulletproof vests and booby traps.

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Ballistic Protective Ceramics CeramTec-ETEC ceramic materials can be used as a protective ceramics anywhere personnel, asset and vehicle protection is required. Here, ALOTEC® alumina and SICADUR ® silicon carbide make up the largest share by far. UN and NATO peacekeeping troops use ceramic-based supplementary armor plating on their vehicles to protect against …

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South African Based Security supply company, with a global reach - Ballistic protection supplier, Ballistic Body Armour, Protective ware South African Bullet Proof Vest Manufacturer Our Bullet proof vests are customised to fit the requirements of our valued clients.

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Zebra Armour Complete Delta 2-90 Bulletproof Vest System - Level IIIA, ALCP3+ Plates. R10,999.00.

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MTG TOR Ballistic Helmet: Black Large. Common price: R11 000,00 Our price: R11 000,00. +. –. Helmet shell made from aramid fiber – ensures operation for all climates. Taking the influence of precipitation into consideration; this design features good ventilation.

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Ballistic Bike Trading is a premier cycling importer and distributor of quality cycling sportswear and equipment.