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All our body armor plates are made by LTC, Leading Technology Composites, the worlds largest and most respected body armor manufacturer. Our SAPI (Small Arms Protective Inserts) plates come in a variety of levels, sizes and colors. Only hard plate armor can prevent penetration from rifle rounds and all of our plates are made using TOP QUALITY, lightweight, high strength … Body Armor - Complete Product List

Worn just like an undershirt, concealable and comfortable under even light clothing. II • III-A. $ 249 - $ 399. Midwest Armor Concealable Aramid. A quality Level 3-A vest at a very economical price. • Independent ballistic lab tested to be compliant with NIJ 0101.06 ballistic standards. III-A. $ 389. Body Armor - Rifle Plates - Lightweight SAPI

The US Military SAPI (Small Arms Protective Insert) mil-spec requires survivability of 3 hits total from: ... Why You Want BulletProofME to Ship Your Ceramic Plates . ANY Ceramic Rifle Plate can be damaged if abused - especially if dropped on its' corner. They are not delicate, like fine tea china, but, on the other hand, FedEx and UPS are ...

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The plate is a single curve and has a SAPI/ESAPI cut, and is covered by a 600D water resistant cover. This level IV Ceramic plate is trusted by both law enforcement and military to offer them the utmost protection that isn't found anywhere else on the market.

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Armor Australia is a leading designer of Training Plates for Civilian, Military & Law Enforcement end user groups. Armor's Training Plates are suitable for integration with most commercially available plate carriers. Contoured SAPI shape, ergonomic fit for front and rear torso placement. Rounded edges to prevent damage to your plate carrier.

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Nexus Level III+ Dyneema Side Plate 6x6". £129.95. Nexus Level IV Side Plate Monolithic Ceramic 1 Piece with Kevlar Backing 6x6. £89.94. Nexus Level IV Monolithic Tile Side Plate 6x6" Set of 2. £159.96. Nexus Level IV STAND ALONE Double Curve Plate Front or Rear. £169.94. Nexus Level IV Double Curve ICW Plate Front or Rear.

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SAPI plates that don't clearly state their respective level (I, II, or III) Military-issued body armor or body armor stamped with "US," including Outer Tactical Vests (OTV) or SAPI plates Interceptor Body Armor (IBA), including items manufactured by Point Blank (PBI), Second Chance (SCI), and Armor Holding

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Body Armor Plate. FRONT, cloth covered, STEEL. 2014, level 3 rifle plate, military spec, plate for use in armor plate applications, and other military applications and projects. The plate has signs of wear along the edges especially at the top. Please refer to photos provided. This was formally my plate from when I was in Afghanistan.

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The Viper name is well established in the military and security sector for the quality and durability of their product range, and their Dummy SAPI plates are no exception. Made from High density EVA foam for added rigidity, and a well made, logo embedded nylon protector cover these will … Body Armor - Rifle Plates - E-SAPI

Mil Spec E-SAPI performance (with an Interceptor or Level III-A vest supporting). The E-SAPI test is very similar to the NIJ Level IV test, but just a little bit tougher. Mil-spec calls for the plate to stop one round of .3006 AP, just like Level IV, but it must also stop a second round, 60% of the time (not of the time - too much of a weight penalty).

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Hesco is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative body armor.Their ballistic plates have made a substantial influence in the body armor market with their lighter and more resistant plates ideal for military and law enforcement use.Hesco provides a wide range of armor solutions to meet your specific needs like the 200 Series U210, 400 Series Level IV, and 800 …

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A pair of SAPI ceramic plates in April 2006. The Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) is a ceramic trauma plate used by the United States Armed Forces.It was first used in the Interceptor body armor, a ballistic vest.It is now also used in the Improved Outer Tactical Vest as well as the Modular Tactical Vest, in addition to commercially available "plate carriers".

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The Army intends to test new, lighter-weight armor plates in third quarter of fiscal 2019, according to the Fiscal 2018 Annual Report from the Defense Department's Director, Operational Test and ...

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IDOGEAR Tactical Plates EVA Foam SAPI Plates for Tactical Vest Inner Liner Foam SAPI Shock Plates 2 PCS. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 413. $16.90. $16. . 90. Save 5% at checkout. Get it as soon as Mon, Sep 20.

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Hesco Armor, Inc has won a share of a $49.5m indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity (IDIQ) body armour contract to supply the next generation of small arms protective inserts (SAPI) to the US Army. The competitively awarded contract has been shared between three armour manufactures to satisfy US Army Security Assistance Command's (USASAC) foreign …

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Officially, ESAPI plates are not NIJ rated, but are rated via Military-Spec, as most ESAPI plates are not available to civilians (With the exception of BulletProofME plates). Military Spec for ESAPI plates is being able to stop one round of .30-06 AP just like NIJ Level IV, but it is also rated to stop a SECOND round at least 60% of the time.

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Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) Ballistic Protection Plates By itself, the body armor vest protects the user from shrapnel and 9-mm pistol rounds. When the protective Small Arms Protective Inserts (SAPI) are added, the system acts as a …

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SAPI plates are the standard military hard plates. They have a nearly-45 degree angle cut from each part of the top. SAPI plates work well and offer a good deal of coverage. Actual military SAPI plates are not sold directly to the public, but manufacturers sell plates in "SAPI cut." Sapi plates, shooter's cut.

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Welcome to the Arbor Arms store where you can customize your gear and build your load-out from the roots up. All of our products are made of the highest quality and we make gear that revolutionizes the way you operate on a mission. We go above and beyond to ensure everything is American-made and sourced, providing you with the best possible ...

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It's important to note that the SAPI plates got their start in the U.S. Military as a means of classifying body armor designed to fit standard issue plate carriers. Military issued SAPI body armor plates are made from composite of ceramic materials (namely silicon carbide) and were designed to stop 7.62 x 51 (M80 BALL) rounds.

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Compared with many other military sectors, the body armour market has historically been one of the most consistent. A new Strategic Defence Intelligence report, "The Global Body Armour and Personal Protection Market 2013-2023", confirms this, showing worldwide demand is set to grow slowly but steadily in the next ten years.

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The Shellback Tactical SF Plate Carrier is sized to fit military issued SAPI plates. The below chart refers to carrier size and the plates that fit each size. Small - 8.75" Wide x 11.75" Tall. Medium - 9.5" Wide x 12.5" Tall. Large - 10.25" Wide x 13.25" Tall. XLarge - 11" Wide x 14" Tall. 0 of 0 found the following answer helpful.


Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) and the Side Ballistic Inserts (SBI) which have black covers. ESAPI should be worn by all personnel in-theater. If a service member has the older black SAPI plates, they should be turned in and replaced with green ESAPI plates. Failure to …


Compatible with E-SAPI (Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert) and ESBI Side-SAPI plates, the IOTV IV also offers more protective coverage under the arms and the sides of the torso. Modular and fully scalable, the base vest can be easily configured to accommodate full system components including neck-throat protection, deltoid protection, groin ...

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Military issued SAPI body armor plates are made from composite of ceramic materials (namely silicon carbide) and were designed to stop 7.62 x 51 (M80 BALL) rounds. In terms of NIJ threat protection level, SAPI body armor would be classified as level III under the current 0101.06 standards.

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IWEAPONS® Military Bag for SAPI Armor Plate. SKU: IW-BPA-Military-Storage-SAPI-Plate Category: Military Storage Gear for Body Armor. Product Categories Select a category Armor Plates (28) Ceramic Armor Plates (15) Ceramic Armor Plates III (7) Ceramic Armor Plates IV (8) Hashmonai Ballistic Plates (4) Polyethylene Plates (6) Polyethylene Plates ...

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Both ESAPI and SAPI body armor are made for small arms bodily defense. ESAPI is heavier by 27% and provides more robust protection against armor-piercing rounds than SAPI. They are both the same shape. The United States military began phasing out the SAPI body armor in favor of ESAPI body armor, which should tell you something right there. If ...

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Training-Plates-Pair. $65.00. The AR500 Armor® Weighted Training Plates are constructed from military-grade ½" MIL-A 46100 steel plate. Designed for use in plate carriers capable of holding 10" x 12" body armor or larger. Product Configuration. Weight Plates.

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Military SAPI armor plates are designed for use with a specific plate carrier such as the IOTV, which itself contains soft body armor. Furthermore What level armor plates does the military use? Tier III body armor is designed to protect the wearer of the armor from rifle caliber bullets fired from an AR-15 rifle and any handgun caliber. Level ...

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Point Blank Body Armor Vest and Strike Sapi Plates (Large 41" to 45") Point Blank Body Armor Intercept Base Vest 954.630.0900. NSN: 7-8608. Front and back Strike Plates: Back Strike plate SAPI, Size Large MFR:06D7-ARMORWORKS, Front Strike plate: Tactical Armor Products Size 9X5X11.5 Model Gamma Plus.

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The SAPI/ESAPI cut is a traditional body armor shape commonly found in military armor systems. SAPI inserts offer plates with a simple 45 degree cut around the shoulder. The Shooter's Cut is a slightly modified version of the original SAPI plate geometry which is typically intended to be worn in the front of a ballistic armor carrier.

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The plate consists of ceramic material that has an external durable composite coating. The SAPI comes in different sizes to fit all users. The most massive plate is approximately five and a half pounds, while the smallest plates are more or less three pounds. SAPI is the official protective gear used by the United States of America military.

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Military issued SAPI body armor plates are made from composite of ceramic materials (namely silicon carbide) and were designed to stop 7.62 x 51 (M80 BALL) rounds. In terms of NIJ threat protection level, SAPI body armor would be classified as level III …